KSJHF News, March 2021

Prosthetic Annex

Over a decade ago St. Joseph Hospital was chosen by English Rotary Clubs to develop a centre to provide prosthetics for the increasing number of amputees in the area surrounding the hospital. Early in 2020 we purchased modern materials from Swiss-Limbs for future lower limb prosthetics.

Exterior plastering of ISSB (left), Finished Interior.

Orthopedic School

St. Joseph Hospital has formed a committee composed of members of the hospital staff, members of the Bukoba diocese and orthopedic surgeons from the Bugando Medical Centre to plan for an orthopedic school. The school will admit RN’s and Clinical Officers to be trained in the understanding and treatment basic orthopedic conditions. Our graduates will find employment under supervision of the growing number of orthopedic surgeons in Tanzania.

Mr. Josue Joseph has been selected as the administrator of the school and will answer directly to the bishop. We have selected a member of our staff to be trained as school secretary. We will begin to advertise for an orthopedic surgeon to act as the director of the school.

Several new buildings will need to be constructed. The orthopedic director will need a residence. We will need a school building for about 20 students and the students will need a residence hall with cooking facilities. This will be an expensive project and we have begun to search for funding by a major donor.

Our Projects for the Coming Year

2021 will be a pivotal year for St. Joseph hospital. The hospital will start an intensive care unit which is currently needed for those patients undergoing goiter surgery. We hope to perform major engineering on the driveway entrance to the hospital grounds. The guest house and the student residence both need some renovation.

Finally, I want to acknowledge two large donations this past year. One came from an orthopedic surgeon whom I trained with more than 50 years ago. The other came from a medical school classmate whom I have known for more than 60 years. These donations, large and small, from old friends and relatives mean a lot to me personally.

Much has been accomplished in 2020. The coming year will be even better.




Wend Schafer, M. D.

President, Kagondo St. Joseph Hospital Foundation