KSJHF News, February 2021

Prosthetic Center Closed for 10 Months in 2020

The number of artificial limbs constructed for our amputees in 2020 was far below the totals of 2019 due to COVID19 quarantine (see below). Fortunately, we are running at full capacity once again. We received a $3,000 grant from FoCT, a British charity for African children, and this grant was fully utilized by year’s end.


Above Knee

Below Knee

Through Ankle









In addition, we supplied a total of 16 braces to the lower limb from this grant. There is a lot of catching up to do, but we will get there.

Income and Expenditures for 2020

Total income for year from KSJHF




Patient care


Prosthetic supplies


Laundry, Swiss limbs materials


School fees (Aines, Godfrey & Goodwin)


Thyroid health week


Bank fee




Income above expenditures


Awards for Exceptional Service to our Patients

Angelo from physical therapy and Dianna and Josephine from the surgical staff each received awards of $500 for their exceptional service to St. Joseph Hospital and our patients. All of our staff are thought to be underpaid, so designation of excellence and a monetary reward were a cause for celebration. See below for photos of the event.

Thyroid Health Week

Due to a lack of iodine in their diets and iodized salt being out of budgets, goiters, hypothyroidism and even cretinism are frequently encountered in the area served by St. Joseph Hospital. A Rotary International Grant to educate the people in the area is pending but in the meantime the people continue to suffer from these conditions.

We sponsored Thyroid health week in late November to begin the educational process to combat iodine deficiency conditions.

This child in the photo is deaf and is thought to suffer from cretinism. The lady featured suffers from a large goiter that has been tattooed by a traditional healer.” The poster is a part of our educational week for thyroid health when several speakers gave presentations on how to prevent thyroid disease.

Dr. Buname, otolaryngologist from Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, was our featured speaker.


Wend Schafer, M. D.

President, Kagondo St. Joseph Hospital Foundation