KSJHF News, October 2020

Dear Friends of St. Joseph Hospital,

There is good news from Tanzania. The threat of the Covid-19 virus has passed and the hospital is again at full functional capacity. Two weeks ago, a team of Orthopedic Surgeons held a week-long clinic. The team attended 177 patients and of those, 22 patients were selected for surgery. The fee for surgery is about $250 and covers post-operative care as well. Your donations pay for these evaluations and surgical procedures.

Thyroid Health Day

We have delayed this event in light of the presidential election, which occurs every five years. We will announce a new date for a time when this problem can gain more attention.

We have been aware of the high incidence of thyroid disease for a number of years but orthopedic care had to be our main focus initially. Goiters are unusually large in the Muleba District. A large goiter in a young lady is a serious impediment to marriage. The goiters were being operated on by a non-physician in a remote hospital. There were rumors of high morbidity and mortality in that hospital. Other goiter patients were treated by the local shamans and never received any medical care. We now have an Otolaryngologist who has begun to perform goiter surgery at St. Joseph Hospital.

A large Rotary grant is due to be submitted for education on the prevention of thyroid disease but has been unfortunately delayed. Thyroid Health Day will be a beginning to an educational effort for use of iodized salt.

New Laundry Equipment

Our new laundry equipment—purchased with your donations—has recently been installed. We will no longer have to rely on hand washing and hand drying, which adds further wear to our linens and surgical drapes. The new machines will also provide maximum cleanliness for our linens and drapes.

Thank you for helping to make this possible!

Pictured are two of our staff with the new washer and dryer.

Your donations save lives. If you have not sent a donation this year, please consider doing it today. We need funds for “Thyroid Health Day” in addition to ongoing to support our hospital admissions and surgical procedures. The care that St. Joseph Hospital provides is not free or they would quickly be out of business. Send what you can afford.

Remember that we specialize in orthopedic problems of children. We are the only center in the area that can provide prosthetics to amputees to make them employable and restore them to the work force.

Be sure to enroll in “Amazon Smile” by doing a search for their site. Click on it and select St. Joseph as you charity. Use the site for all your Amazon purchases.

Wend Schaefer, M.D., President, Kagondo St. Joseph Hospital Foundation