KSJHF News, December 2018

Dear friends of Kagondo St. Joseph Hospital,

This has been a year of great accomplishments for our Foundation.

1. We have installed voltage surge protection for the entire hospital.

2. We have air conditioned the main operating room.

3. We have instituted repairs to the hospital electrical system.

4. We have continued to fund patients with orthopaedic conditions, victims of trauma and amputees in need of prosthetics.

5. After nine years of searching we have obtained a container of liquid nitrogen (LN) to treat the actinic keratosis of the albino children held for protection at a nearby school for the handicapped. The children are held at the school to protect them from witch doctors who hunt and butcher them for body parts, which are then sold to bring “good luck” to the purchaser.

The actinic keratosis lesions are pre-cancerous and are caused by exposure to sunlight, and treatment is almost painless and well tolerated by the children. We held our first clinic with LN held last month. It was a success and we have since offered to make the LN available to the general public at the Kagera Regional Hospital, free of charge.

6. We are funding the education of one of our staff for training to become a pharmacy technician.

Our hospital now has orthopaedic surgeons from nearby Bugando Medical Center in Mwanza spending two weeks a month at the hospital where they evaluate patients and perform corrective surgery. Dr. Inyas Lawrence, subspecialist in children’s orthopaedics, is one of these surgeons, and he has designated our hospital as a one of the sites for his Tanzanian charity, “Saving the Children, One Child At a Time”. His program will eventually expand to cover the entire country. We fund his evaluations and corrective surgeries at St. Joseph Hospital for many handicapped children.

Jim O’Brien, our treasurer, and his wife Phoebe (Fi) have made two trips to East Africa with me where they both taught in the public school systems in Kenya. In October of this year Jim and Fi spent five days at St. Joseph Hospital getting to know the staff and evaluating current and future projects. Jim and Fi understand the poverty and problems of East Africa and have a great passion to serve these less fortunate people.

Jim has lived and interesting life. After graduation from UC Berkley with a BS in Business Administration he started an appraisal and consulting business. He then went into commercial real estate development and eventually into investing and managing commercial real estate. In Rotary International he has served as club president and as assistant district governor and currently is International and Foundation Chairman for his club.

Funding all of these projects is becoming more difficult with each passing year. Most of the money comes from my own resources and from a few large donors and a growing number of smaller donors, all who are greatly appreciated. The donations affirm the faith these individuals have in our organization. If you have not made a donation this year, please consider a donation before year’s end. Remember the parable from Jesus of the poor woman who gave her only coin from her poverty to the temple and how this in the eyes of God was worth more than those who gave from their wealth.

Donations should be made out to Kagondo St. Joseph Hospital Foundationand sent to me at P O Box 6374, incline Village, NV 89450. Donations can also be sent to treasurer, Jim O’Brien at 886 Tyner Way, Incline Village, NV 89451.

We also encourage all donors to sign on to “Amazon Smile”so that when you make an on-line purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to our charity. Our last donation from Amazon Smile was over $30. You can find Amazon Smile by doing a search for it and then you will be directed to find your charity. Our employer Identification Number (EIN) will help in the search and is 47-3590633.

We wish all of you a very joyous Christmas season and a prosperous new year.

Wend Schaefer, M.D.

President, Kagondo St. Joseph Hospital Foundation

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